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OrgSync FAQ

Be in the know! OrgSync is your one-stop hub of information on how to get involved at Tulane, student organization resources, program opportunities, and campus news & information. Log-in to OrgSync using your Tulane email username and password.  

For questions on how to use OrgSync, contact Heather Seaman, Director of the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, at or 504-865-5193.

How-to Guide

Organization Profile: Having an up-to-date and marketable profile for your organization is a key element in the promotion of your organization to prospective members. 

  • Select the “Settings” tab in the top menu of your portal to view your organization’s profile.
  • Review each tab of information to ensure the information is correct and communicates the content you want for your organization.
  • You can also add a profile picture for your organization to gain interest visually as students scan the Student Org Directory. The recommended size of the profile picture is 150x150 pixels.

Invite Members to Join Portal: In order to best utilize OrgSync’s features for your organization, you will need to have your members join your organization portal.

  • Select the “People” tab in the top menu of your portal.
  • Select “Invite People” and enter in the email addresses of your members. You will need to use their Tulane email. This will send them an invitation to join the portal.
  • Return to the “People” tab to approve their join requests. Check your “People” tab frequently for member requests.

Create Your Calendar & Manage Events: Through OrgSync you are able to manage your organization’s calendar, create and share events with members, and promote events campuswide.

  • To create an event, select the “Events” tab in the top menu of your portal.
  • Select the “Create an Event” tab in the upper right menu.
  • Enter in the details of your event - the more details the better for your members and guests. You can also select who the event is intended for - a certain group or committee within your organization, the entire organization, or open to the campus community.
  • If you would like to share your event campus-wide, select the option to “Share on the Campus Life Calendar” at the bottom of your event details page.
  • You can view your organization calendar by selecting the “Calendar” tab in the top menu of your portal. This calendar can also be shared with your personal Google Calendar and iCal.

Store Documents: Begin to populate your portal! You can store your organization documents in your organization’s portal so that information can be accessed by members all in one place. This can include your organization constitution, officer resources, meeting minutes, organization files, and more. The file storage system is similar to a Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Select the “Files” tab in the top menu of your portal.
  • Select the “Add a File” tab from the upper right menu and follow the prompts to add your file. You can also select who has access to view this file.
  • If you have a series of files that go together you can create a folder for these files such as Officer Resources.

Create Groups: Do you have various committees or groups within your organization such as an executive board? You can create customized groups to help you communicate, share files and forms, and create events or meetings just for these groups.

  • Select the “People” tab in the top menu of your portal.
  • Click the arrows next to “All People”.
  • Select the “Create Group” button and type in the name of your committee or group. You can add as many groups as you need.
  • To add members to a group, click the checkbox next to members’ names and select “Add to Group”. Choose the appropriate group for those members. Members can be assigned to multiple groups.

Communicate with Members: Want to simplify emailing your organization members? Need to send a message to a specific group or committee? OrgSync has a great communication system for your organization. You can send both email and text communication to your members.

  • Select the “Messaging” tab in the top menu of your portal.
  • You can select Member Messaging for email, Text Messaging to send text communication, or Contacts List to create a frequent contacts list for your organization.
  • Select your recipients from the list of organization members by clicking their name from the members roster listed.
  • If you want to send a message to a specific group you have created, select “Lists” and choose the group you want to message.
  • Create your message and send. Emails will go to your members’ Tulane email and their OrgSync page. Please be cautious to not overuse the text messaging feature because text messaging fees may apply for some of your members.

Make Officers or Other Members Administrators on your Portal: You can give officers and members administrative access to be able to edit and add to your organization’s OrgSync portal.

  • Select the “People” tab in the top menu of your portal.
  • Click the checkbox next to the member’s name you want to give administrative access.
  • Click “Manage” in their Basic Details and select “Administrators”. This will automatically give them administrative access.