Event Policies

Students enjoy snacks on the LBC Quad

See the policies and guidelines below for hosting events in the LBC.

Dances and Late-Night Events

In addition to the Lavin-Bernick Center room reservation policies, the following policies apply to late night events held within the facility:

  • A minimum of three campus police officers will be required at this type of event. A minimum of five student members of the sponsoring organization(s) must work as additional security staff.
  • For safety and security reasons, only one ballroom may be used for parties/dances on any given date. The maximum number of guests may not exceed 450.
  • The student organization or group sponsoring the event shall provide event contact names to the Department of Public Safety prior to the event. It is recommended that this information be included on the Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) along with specific times and details of the event. This information will assist Public Safety in making their shift assignments.

Decorating and the removal of decorations must occur during the reserved time of the event. Smoke, fog and bubble machines are not permitted. Use of candles, oil lamps, or incense is not permitted. Duct tape and clear packing tape cannot be used on any surface. Flowers and other decorations must arrive and be removed during the reservation period.

Event Security

The Police Department’s presence is required at certain campus events. Specifically, for open events one officer is required for every 0-250 persons expected to attend an event; and depending on the nature of the event, additional officers may be required. For closed events on campus, a Tulane Police officer may be required when expected attendance is less than 50 people (i.e. events serving alcohol or having amplified sound). If an event requires public safety officers the organization or department will be notified at the time the reservation is confirmed. A request for officers must be submitted via the online request form.

Food Service

Olive Blue Catering has exclusive catering rights for all events held in the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life (LBC). To arrange catering for your event, contact Olive Blue at 504-865-5254 or catering@tulane.edu. Student organizations hosting meetings and/or events in the LBC can review the Student Organization Meeting & Event Catering Policy for details on catering options.

Insurance and Rental Agreements

Insurance and Rental Agreements are required for the following events:

  • Events held by organizations or individuals which are neither funded nor controlled by the University
  • Events which are not part of the course of regular University business
  • Events where the primary benefit is for an unaffiliated organization or individual and the secondary benefit is for the University (“University-hosted events” such as grad school fairs)
  • Events conducted by University affiliates or non-affiliates for purposes other than those related to University’s mission of education, research and service

The prospective lessee/user must complete a Facility Use Request Form located here. Reservations should be made no later than 45 days from the proposed event commencement date. An executed Facilities Rental Agreement and Addendum should be submitted no fewer than 30 days prior to the event date. A certificate of insurance complying with Agreement requirements should be received no less than 10 days before the event date.

McAlister Place

McAlister Place, which runs from Freret Street to Drill Road, can be reserved for special events. Reservations can be made HERE. All student organizations must complete Student Programs Event Registration forms when reserving McAlister Place. Organizations and departments must follow the University amplified sound policy and submit an I.T. to Facilities Services for tables, chairs, extra garbage cans, and clean-up personnel. Organizations/departments must contact Public Safety (Officer Osborne at 865-5381) to order officers for any large events.


All vehicles parked on the Uptown campus between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, are required to display a University Parking Permit or park in a metered parking place. Visitors may purchase a one-day parking pass at the Traffic Office during business hours and from the TUPD safety dispatcher after hours. Visitors have the option to pay to park on the ground level of the Diboll Complex or use parking meters throughout campus. For additional information, please click here.


All meeting, booth or banner spaces in the Lavin-Bernick Center must be reserved through the LBC Reservations Office. Reservation policies and procedures may be viewed here. Priority use is given to recognized student organizations and University departments. Sponsoring groups or organizations may cancel or change their reservations with twenty-four hours advance notice. A student organization is considered a “no show” if group members have not utilized the reserved area within 30 minutes of the scheduled reservation. Please review the sanctions listed below for violations of the “no show” policy:

  • The first “no show” will result in the student organization receiving a written notice of warning from the LBC Reservations Office, with a copy to the organization’s adviser.
  • The second “no show” will result in the student organization losing its scheduling privileges for a period of two (2) academic weeks. During the time of suspension, all previously approved reservation requests will be canceled.
  • The third no show will result in the organization losing its scheduling privileges for a period of eight (8) academic weeks. During the time of the suspension, all previously approved reservation requests will be canceled.

Reservations are not accepted for regularly scheduled academic classes or weekly religious services. Informal study groups are permitted in the public lounges and dining areas. Student organizations may not reserve space during study and exam periods.

Video/DVD Showings and Federal Copyright Law

Federal law prohibits the public display of copyrighted material. This includes videos and DVDs that may be purchased or rented. Although the language is not specific, any showing of a video or DVD for social purposes to groups could be considered a violation of federal law. To avoid such conflict and decrease the likelihood of copyright violations, groups are urged not to show copyrighted material unless payment has been made to the proper authority. For more detailed information please contact the Student Organization Center at 865-5141.