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Our Staff

Heather Seaman
Director of the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life
Suite 218A, LBC
(504) 865-5193

Facilities & Events

Angela Clarke
Associate Director for Facilities
Suite 218B, LBC
(504) 314-2196

Diana Noveck
Assistant Director for Events & Reservations
Suite 218, LBC
(504) 865-5196

Avian Washington
Coordinator for Facilities & Technology
Suite 218, LBC
(504) 314-2128

Programming & Student Involvement

Greg Feiling
Associate Director for Programming
Suite G11D, LBC
(504) 314-2918

Katie Cannella
Assistant Director for Student Development
Suite 218C, LBC
(504) 865-5836

Ali Lange
Graduate Assistant for Programming
Suite G11, LBC
(504) 314-2130

Megan Westcott
Graduate Assistant for Recognized Student Organizations
Suite G11, LBC  
(504) 314-2130

Student Media

Tel Francois Baillet
Assistant Director for Student Media
Suite G11A, LBC
(504) 314-2185

Graduate Assistant for Student Media
Suite G11, LBC

Administration & Finance

Jane Rushing
Associate Director for Administration & Finance
Suite G11C, LBC
(504) 314-2915

Billie Banker
Project Assistant
Suite G11, LBC
(504) 865-5116

Building Managers

Caitlin Ducat
Brittany Garrison
Madison Knott
Katie McEnerney
Bubba Murray