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Start a Recognized Student Organization

Any group of 10 or more Tulane students desiring to establish a student organization may apply to become an Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at Tulane University. The process for chartering an RSO is listed below:

Step 1

Search the list of RSOs at Tulane to determine if a similar organization exists. If so, explore if you can join the similar RSO or determine what would make your proposed RSO distinctive.

Step 2

Apply for recognition via the Register An Organization Form on WaveSync.

  • Log in to WaveSync
  • Select “Organizations”
  • Select “Register An Organization”
  • Select "Register a New Organizaton"
  • Select "Recognized Student Organization"
  • You will need the following information to complete the form:
  • Follow the prompts to enter your organization information.

Step 3

New organization requests will be reviewed in the order they are received by the LBC Director for completion of all required materials. The request will then be directed to the appropriate sponsoring entity - Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA), Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs (OFSP), or university department for further review and approval.

  • USG sponsored student organization: The proposed organization will be contacted by the USG Vice President of Student Organizations (VPSO) and invited to a Student Body Administrative Council (SBAC) meeting to lead a 10 minute presentation on the organization’s behalf and answer questions. Topics that should be addressed in the presentation may include, but are not limited to the following:
    • What is the purpose of your proposed organization?
    • Describe the activities/programs of the proposed organization.
    • What is the organizational structure of your organization?
    • How do you plan to draw interest and recruit students into the proposed organization? Describe the expressed interest in the organization at this point.
    • What will your organization do to make Tulane a more inclusive community?
    • How do you plan to sustain the proposed organization financially?

Following the presentation, SBAC will vote to determine if the committee will recommend recognition for the proposed organization to the USG Senate. If SBAC has voted to recommend the organization to the USG Senate, the proposed organization’s information will be presented to Senate by the USG VPSO. Senate will vote on recognition status for the organization.  

  • GAPSA sponsored student organization: GAPSA sponsored student organizations represent each graduate school. Organizations affiliated with the graduate school are reviewed and approved by the corresponding executive board.
  • OFSP sponsored student organization: All OFSP sponsored student organizations must complete the expansion process directed by the OFSP. For more information, contact the OFSP at 504-314-2160.
  • Department sponsored student organization: The proposed organization will be reviewed by the proposed advisor and director of the corresponding university department. The advisor and director will determine approval and sponsorship of the organization.

Step 4

If the proposed organization receives recognition, the Director of the LBC or designee will approve the Register An Organization Form on WaveSync. The organization president and advisor will also be emailed introductory resources to get started as an organization at Tulane.

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