Key Dates

FALL 2023

July 31-August 4: Event Registration Submissions for First Week of Class Events (please note all events must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the proposed event date)
August 21: First Day of Class
August 23: New RSO Advisor Training
August 23: Welcome Back Meeting
September 3: Fall Activities Expo
September 6: RSO Advisor Meeting (Undergraduate)
September 12: RSO Advisor Meeting (Graduate)
September TBD: Fall Budget Workshop
October 1: LBC Allocation Committee Late Budgets Due
November 7: RSO Advisor Meeting (Undergraduate)
November 14: RSO Advisor Meeting (Graduate)
December 8: Last Day of Classes


January 16: First Day of Class
January TBD: Spring Activities Expo
January TBD: New RSO Advisor Training
February 14: Last Day for New RSO Applications
February 28: 2024-2025 Budget Requests Due for LBC Allocations Committee
February TBD: Spring Budget Workshop
February TBD: RSO Advisor Meeting (Undergraduate)
February TBD: RSO Advisor Meeting (Graduate)
March TBD: RSO Advisor Meeting (Undergraduate)
March TBD: RSO Advisor Meeting (Graduate)
April TBD: GAPSA Budget Review
April 1: RSO Renewal Opens
May 1: Last Day of Class & Last Day for Recognized Student Organization Programming
June 1: Recognized Student Organization Renewal Deadline; Deadline for all Deposits, Payment Requests, and Interdepartmental Transfers (ITs)

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